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We want to be a different type of restaurant review site. We want to allow our users to rate restaurants how they choose, and give them options. No more “single rating for all”, but instead you can customize and choose to rate (or not rate!) the many different facets of the dining experience.

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Rating Stars are great but the current system falls a bit flat…

Why Change the Ratings Game?

Right now, almost every review site is not flexible enough to allow a review at a more granular level. Meaning, you can leave just a single review, that is intended to represent an overall “satisfaction” with either the business, experience, presentation, menu item… In fact, the list goes on and on. And to someone looking at such a review, it might be challenging to learn exactly what is intended of that rating. For example, I have read reviews on other sites that provided a 5 star rating “overall”, but upon reading the actual review in full would discover that the person was happy that they were served on time and by friendly wait staff, and were providing 5 stars for the service that they received, and NOT for the quality of food. The review might go on to say something like “Eric was great but this was actually the worst chicken I’ve ever had”. So in this case, what we might be able to do better is to simply have allowed that reviewer a chance to separate their rating for the service, compared to that of the food experience.

They are, in fact, completely isolated facets of the overall dining experience.

What can we do better

Why change how we rate?

How can we improve?


Hi, my name is Kevin. I love food, drink, travel, and I love sharing my experiences about them with friends.

I wanted to create a different sort of review and rating system, so I created my restaurant review site to highlight the different facets of what I feel to be important about the dining experience.

The taste was AMAZING even if the presentation was a little bit sloppy

When you rate a dish, it’s hard to be descriptive with just a single rating. 4 stars… for what? For a user using a restaurant review website, that single rating just doesn’t tell us much. We end up having to trawl through pages and pages of comments to find out what is important to us.

Shrimp Linguini Pasta Plate
Plate of GIANT Shrimp linguini

Beautiful All Around!

Great Food, Great Fun

Food should be enticing and the entire dining experience should be a blast!

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